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Every senior is one of a kind and deserves a unique senior experience! That is the goal of every session and one of the reasons that I set aside dedicated time to get to know every senior through personal consultations and their own senior questionnaire. It is so amazing to hear their stories, their interests and dreams. Each one so uniquely beautiful and valuable.  Tess is one of those seniors. She is a bright, fun and optimistic soul…”with a touch of sarcasm” as she puts it:) Tess loves to draw, read & write, play video games and I learned a lot about steam punk from her (such amazing outfits!). Tess is pretty casual most of the time with her amazing curly red hair and natural face. However, she wanted something a bit different for her senior photos so of course we enlisted the services of Lesley and Sheona! Beautifully polished hair and flattering makeup…they worked with her every step of the way. Isn’t she stunning?! I’m so glad that we were able to create the unique senior experience Tess was looking for!

Read her story and enjoy her fun spirit shining through her images. Congrats, Tess!

I am most looking forward to spending time with my friends, immersing myself in drama club, and just enjoying the last year of high school.


My favorite memory is the high school musical performed sophomore year. We put on Once Upon A Mattress, and it was one of the best shows that we have had at the school. I was so happy to be apart of it!


Redheads can wear pink! - Urban senior girl

The best advice I can give is to be you, no matter who you hang out with and no matter what you involve yourself with, just remember to be yourself. And don’t put too much on yourself, you’re going through a lot mentally and emotionally. Give yourself “me” time!


I’m most proud of the friends I have gathered around me.


I hope to influence people’s lives around me and positively make an impact in my life and in others.


Love the smile and red hair! - senior girl photography

My mom and I searched for a senior photographer that would be local and would make the photographs a personal experience. That is one of the things I feel is important, finding a photographer who focuses on the details of the senior and creates a session that is a unique senior experience to them.


I was most worried about finding a photographer, and how much I would enjoy it. I am shy around people I don’t know, so I was concerned that I would be too nervous to have fun.


I enjoyed the traveling, and just the overall session. Everyone was really friendly and Sherri was amazing and attentive. It was a fantastic experience!
Yellow field of flowers - senior girl photography
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