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“There’s no place like home” for a KS girl with ruby red slippers who has been traveling to far off places, but also for this Douglass, KS senior girl when looking for a wonderful location for her senior photos. In my last blog post I mentioned one concern of seniors when planning their senior session…”What season is the best time to schedule my session?” (Check it out if you still aren’t sure.) Another common area of anxiety for many is, “Where is the best location?” Many factors go into answering that question: Does a natural or more urban vibe fit your style? What outfits are you planning to wear? How many locations do you want to use? How far apart are they? Is there an entry fee? Is there someplace that holds special meaning to you? This last question sealed the deal for deciding the place to hold Klair’s photoshoot….her family’s home.

I was in heaven as I pulled up to their house. The area around their property was full of trees, flowers, rocks, a field and an amazing outdoor living space constructed of old railroad ties. There was no shortage of beautiful locations to use for Klair’s photos. But I don’t want you looking at your home thinking…”I don’t have all that, Sherri. I could never have my senior session at my home.” Of course you can. A location can be as simple as a flowering shrub outside your bedroom window, an old rusty shed or the porch railing out front that welcomes visitors. The point is, when thinking of locations, don’t limit yourself to huge expanses of field grass or a bustling downtown city area. Something wonderful may be waiting right outside your door.

I hope you are encouraged as you read Klair’s story and look at her lovely home-style images to step back and look at the places that mean the most to you and imagine yourself using a piece of it for your own senior session. (BTW, the bridge photos were not at her house…that would be unreal lol!)

Senior girl field photos | Sherri Strawn Photography | Douglass KS

What are you looking forward to in your senior year of high school?

Well I just finished my senior year but I looked forward to spending one last year together with all of my friends and getting to play basketball one last year.

What is your favorite memory/experience of your high school career?

My favorite memory would have to be winning the 3A individual state championship in cross country. This would have to be one of my proudest moments of my high school career in cross country.

Senior girl field photos | Sherri Strawn Photography | Douglass KS

I would advise those coming into high school to really try to get involved. I would encourage them to go out for sports, forensics, band, the musical, a multitude of clubs, or any activaties they are even slightly interested in. If they end up not liking it, that’s totally okay. They can at least not look back and say they wished they would have tried something they didn’t. Although I say get involved, I would also advice them to stay focused on their studies. 😉 But seriously, I believe doing well in academics is what gets you farther in life. 🙂

Senior girl posing next to a tree | Sherri Strawn Photography | Douglass KS

One of my proudest accomplishments in my life as of now would honestly have to be always staying focused on my academics. They have always been a huge part of my life and staying focused on them has really paid off and helped me obtain scholarships for college. One of my more fun accomplishments would have to be winning 3A substate basketball my sophomore year. I was extremely proud of my team and their hard work.

I would like to just go through life with the best attitude I can and hope that people notice it and try to do the same.

Senior girl cross country and basketball photos | Sherri Strawn Photography | Douglass KS

I was actually running a little late on getting a photographer and my friend, Sara, told me about Sherri Strawn Photography. I went on the website, looked around a bit, and loved what I saw! So, I asked my friend for Sherri’s number and it was set! When finding a photographer, I feel like it is really important to check out some of their work and really like their style and the way their pictures turn out.

The only thing I was really worried about was what the weather was going to be like and if my hair was going to stay! Lol

I enjoyed how fun and comfortable you made the experience! I also really enjoyed how it was at my house. That really made the pictures seem that much more special.

Senior girl photos on a bridge | Sherri Strawn Photography | Douglass KS

I smile every time I think about my senior girl Luxe session with Klair and her mom. We had such a wonderful time together…getting Klair’s hair and makeup done, exploring her home for super locations, watching her mom whip out the iron on the back patio for some last minute wrinkle fixes (now really, who does that…Klair’s amazing mother that’s who!), playing music and twirling on the bridge as, who else, Klair’s amazing mom, follows her with my lighting gear! I really have to hire that lady!

I hope you all take Klair’s advice about working hard, trying new things, living without regret and going through life with the best attitude you can. That is something young and old can benefit from. I am super excited for Klair as she continues her sports career in college. And I have no doubt that she will be a success in that arena as well as her academics. Put first things first and don’t forget to have a bit of fun along the way!

You are such a beauty to me, Klair. I love your sweet & friendly nature that pours out generously to those you meet. What a special gift wrapped up in a confident, yet humbly loving package. Congrats, Miss Klair!

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