"I love how comfortable the photo shoot was!  It felt natural and it was a lot of fun!  Sherri helped me get comfortable with taking photos and captured my personality in all of my pictures!  She had wonderful ideas for what I liked!" - Anna

"I was so glad to have the opportunity to have Sherri as my photographer!" - Tiffany

"I loved every minute of it!" - Kasey

"Sherri is an amazing person. She's probably one of the nicest people I've met. She makes you feel like family and that's something I really like because I'm shy. Working with her was wonderful. She listened to my ideas and let me choose the location. That's not something you get to do with most photographers. I believe that when choosing a photographer, you should choose someone you feel comfortable with. Thank you, Sherri, for all your love and support!" - Brook

"Sherri's sessions are wonderful!  She's always coming up with new ideas and takes extra time to get the perfect shot.  When I saw my pictures, my jaw dropped!  Her photos show off who you are and she captures your natural beauty.  Sherri is great to work with!" - Jordan