Fall Senior Session | Lauren

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This smile, this joy, this is what it’s all about people. Lauren’s fall senior session experience bubbled over with it! And it was no accident…we met weeks before her session to go over all that she was dreaming about for her session, special items like this American flag, her ideas of using natural and urban locations, her signature plaid fashion…all of it. Sure, I could just plop her down in a typical place with a typical pose, but that wouldn’t tell her story, it would be just an image. But these, my dears, these photos of laughter, eyes filled with sweet emotion…her true self shining through the colors, these tell a piece of her story. Her words below tell more. Take a minute to read more of her story and her experience during her fall senior session. Congrats, Lauren! 

American Flag Photo Session | Sherri Strawn Photography

In my senior year of high school I am most looking forward to spending as much time with my friends as I can before we all go off to separate colleges.


My favorite high school experience so far has been the football games. It’s so fun to be around other people with Carroll pride!


Isn't she beautiful! Senior girl at the park

For those just starting high school, I would advise you to care about your grades, strive to do your best, but also don’t forget to HAVE FUN! High school flies by faster than it seems.


Plaid fashion senior photos | Sherri Strawn Photography

At this point in my life I am most proud of being a Team Leader at my job when I’ve worked there for less than a year.


I want to make an impact on the world by being myself and encouraging others to do the same. Throughout high school I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem like they are scared to be themselves but I want them to know that they shouldn’t be scared at all.


Senior girl glitter photos. How fun!

I had looked at various other photographers online to see what pictures I liked. In the end I thought Sherri’s were the best!


I was most worried about how I would look in my pictures but in the end I loved them!


I really enjoyed the whole senior photo experience! Sherri was really great to work with and I could not be more happy with how the photos turned out! Thank you so much Sherri!


Senior girl photo ideas for a stair well

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